A normal meeting with me ends up on the whiteboard

A normal meeting with me ends up on the whiteboard


I am a software portfolio manager and a product manager for multiple enterprise products.

Officially, my job is to maintain the health of the entire software portfolio for insurance carriers.  I care and feed them throughout the product lifecycle, coordinating and prioritizing portfolio opportunities in line with enterprise and market strategies. I work with other portfolio owners and product managers to lead the decomposition and execution of epics through cross-functional teams of Product Management, User Experience, User Research, Quality and Engineering.

But really? I do two main things:

I design software with talented teams around a central vision, on time, and customer centered.

And then I communicate about it.

Why the URL?

In 2007, when I started blogging, my goal was to take my super common name and make it on the first page when you search for "John Wilson" on Google. So the "where" was where I was on Google Page Rank. 

After about three months, I was on the front page of Google and quickly made it to search result number two after six months. With the challenge gone, the site went cold, but now we'll see if I can bring it back up almost 10 years later.